30 days of fatloss



Come on…

People I’m not going to bullshit you into believing that weight-loss is easy. It’s not. We all know that…if it was easy, there would be no reason for someone like me to be in your lives!

The general rule of thumb is effort in = results out! Not that difficult to understand, right? But here’s the catch, unless you have your nutrition down pat, and know what sort of exercises you should be doing to boost that weight loss and achieve lean muscle mass you’re pretty much going to be in a cycle of weight gain/loss and perpetual dieting.



But, why does that matter? Well…for one, the more diet cycling you do, the harder it becomes to physically lose the weight, but coupled with that are the psychological effects of feeling like you have failed. Of feeling like a failure.

What if this cycle could be stopped. What if someone educated rather than stipulated. What if you had a program where you have total support, empathy and understanding?

Guys, I introduce you to 30 days of fat loss…

Here’s what you get…

  • A nutrition package built around you, taking into account dietary requirement and al the confusing stuff like macros...but built to educate rather than just a menu plan

  • Every day fitness designed to be suitable for beginners or those out of practice (from quick 20 minute workouts, right through to hour long classes) with the benefit of being able to do these ANYTIME! If you can’t join live – just hit the replay!

  • Fully online – you don’t have to leave the house, battle with the gym bunnies, or feel uncomfortable about how you look/feel in an exercise environment

  • Support and guidance through our WhatsApp group, and a private Facebook group – we’ve created a community so you never have to feel alone on your journey

  • Accountability, with regular check in’s, progress checks and personalised realignment of the program if needs be.

  • And best of all a FUN environment that’s non-judgemental and a coach who has BEEN THERE!

Here’s the catch, it ain’t ‘free’ and I’m only taking 20 people on this journey. I’m absolutely not going to be one of those coaches who’s going to try to ‘sell’ you on this before I spill the price. In the spirit of absolute clarity…there REALLY ARE only 20 spaces…and it’s gonna cost you £60.

£2 per day, for all the stuff listed above. No shiny sales ploys, no ‘free’ offers, no “we’ve suddenly managed to find space for a few more”….no bullshit.

Do it for you and get in quick.


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